Mungenast Lexus COVID-19 Updates

If you compare the guiding principles that built the Lexus brand and the Mungenast Automotive Family, you will notice a similar theme among those core values. Amidst the fear and uncertainty we are facing each day, our commitment to serving our guests will remain a constant. As we remain open to service the needs of our guests, we are elevating our level of social responsibility and taking all necessary mitigation steps to do our part in preventing further spread of COVID- 19. We are constantly adapting our processes to help you Experience Amazing. Read more about our updated safety measures throughout the dealership below. 

Social Distancing Services

Inside our dealership

Our dealership is continuing to implement every possible measure to ensure we are being socially responsible and aiding to limit the spread of COVID-19. We ask that you take advantage of our social distancing services if you or someone you have been in contact with: fall into the CDC groups for those at a higher risk, and more severe complications from COVID-19 -or- would be traveling, or have recently traveled from a country or region with widespread ongoing transmission of the virus. For guests who are able to visit our facility, we would like to make you aware of the following operational changes to protect our guests and staff: 

  • Employees: Our associates are prohibited from reporting to work without self-quarantine and doctor's certification. If they have been exposed to a COVID - 19 patient, if they have traveled to high-impact area (as determined by the CDC) or have taken a cruise. As a company we have also paused all non-essential business travel
  • Greetings: Our team has been asked to temporarily suspend handshakes and physical contact with our guests. Rest assured, our warm and welcoming customer service with a smile will continue!
  • Sanitation: Our dedicated maintenance team has instituted deep cleaning and safety protocols. We will continue to enhance these measures as guidelines are updated by the CDC and other government sources. Since this critical practice is calling for all hands on desk, all team members have been instructed to maintain a focus on disinfecting high-touch surfaces within our offices and dealership.  
  • Supplies: We have secured extra supplies of disinfectants, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizers and gloves for employee and guest use. If you are in our dealership and service center and would like to use any of these items, please ask any one of our associates for assistance.
  • Bistro & Refreshments: All unwrapped food items and fruit have been removed. Only sealed products (muffins, snacks, etc.) will be placed for customer consumption. Coffees and Teas will still be available. Coffee cup travel lids have been removed to minimize touch points. All surfaces and beverage carafes will be frequently sanitized by our dedicated Lexus Service Concierge. 
  • Vehicles: Our team is committed to sanitize guest vehicles steering wheels, gear shift knobs, and any surface that may have been a touch point while your vehicle was with us for maintenance. The same procedure is in effect with our loaner vehicles prior to pick up, and again upon the vehicle's return.